Thursday, March 8, 2012

Food To Soothe The Soul

Photo credit: Jennifer Davick

For most of us, there are places you love and foods you just can't get enough of. For me, it's the beach/ocean and seafood. Lots of seafood. For many those places and foods at just the right time can almost be like a religious experience. For me, it's a frame of mind. It always has been. An out of the way beach side seafood shack at sunset with a bottle of wine and good company to share it with is about as close to heaven as one could get and not actually be there. In lieu of a beach side treat, I'll at least take the seafood whenever I can get it and as often as I can.
Today, i was browsing one of my favorite magazines online, Coastal Living, and came across some cool shrimp recipes I thought I would share with other seafood lovers. Some of them look pretty incredible. But then, how could they not. After all, we're talking about seafood.....right?
Click the logo below and check out the recipes. Maybe you'll find a new favorite and some food to soothe the soul!

Til Next Time..........