Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nancy Reagan 1921-2016

Photo Credit: United States Navy

Few will ever forget this 2004 image of former First Lady Nancy Reagan as she said a final, tearful goodbye to her beloved husband, former California Governor, and 40th President of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan. 

Today we say goodbye to Nancy as she passes on earlier today from congestive heart failure at the age of 94.  

Hollywood Promo shot of Nancy Reagan 1949-1950
Photo Courtesy of Reagan National Library 

Photo Credit:Unknown/Univ of Texas Photo Archives
Courtesy of: Reagan Library and U.S. National Archives

Nancy Reagan led a full life that transcended both entertainment in Hollywood and the Beltway antics of national political life in Washington DC, including an assassination attempt on her husband.   Through it all, two things remained constant: her love for and devotion to "Ronnie," and a  grace, style, and public demeanor that made her one of the most popular First Ladies in the history of the United States. Her devotion to events and causes that benefited American families also endeared her to most Americans regardless of the political leanings.

According to official from the Reagan National Library in Simi Valley, Mrs. Reagan will be buried on the grounds of the library alongside her husband.  Nancy and Ronnie will be together once again.

Rest in Peace will be sorely missed.

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Apparently She Didn't Get The Wardrobe Memo!

Earlier this week, KTLA 5 Los Angeles Morning Meteorologist Liberté Chan had a green screen fashion fail and had to be saved by anchor Chris Burrous. Great save Chris, still the end result was pretty funny....unless, of course, you're the one in front of the camera. Gotta love live television! Fortunately, she brought a change of outfits. 

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Belated Happy Birthday To The Great One!

Photo Courtesy of Great Entertainers Archive
When it comes to entertainers, "The Great One" was simply put, the greatest! Jackie Gleason would have been 100 years old this past Friday. The thing that most set him apart from the Hollywood of today?  He knew the difference between memorizing lines from a script and actually acting.  Lots of stars today do the research for roles and say they immerse themselves in the characters........but no one could ever come close to the Great One! I, for one, don't think they ever will.  Gone from us now, but never forgotten....Happy Birthday Jackie! We Miss Ya!

To relive the great moments from his life and career, follow his Facebook page All Things Jackie Gleason  or the official Jackie Gleason website!

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