Sunday, September 6, 2015

George Harrison "My Other Favorite Beatle"

A little Sunday ear candy! Next to Paul McCartney, George was always my favorite. Reminds me of weekend road trips, walks on the beach, and a time when music was real!  Enjoy!!

Til Next Time...........

A Class Act

In the world of sports, heroes come and go.  In the NFL few position players, except for maybe the quarterback, have the ability to "turn the tide" in a big game like a good kicker does.  In San Diego, for the last several years, that man has been Nick Novak. This weekend when the Chargers made their final roster adjustments leading up to week one of the regular season, we learned that  Nick Novak would no longer be wearing the Charger Blue and Gold.  It was a jolt to the system to say the least and I'm still not sure I understand it. At the end of the day, what is done is done.  Nick has been a big part of the Charger success in recent years and in the hearts of the fans will always be a Charger.  Not only is Nick a fan favorite on the field, but much like his late teammate Junior Seau, he is a class act and a much loved and respected member of the community as well.  We wish Nick and his family nothing but the best wherever the future takes them.

Thanks for all the great memories Nick.  You will be missed!

Til Next Time.............

Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Changing of the Guard

When Grimm first came to us, all he wanted was to make friends with our cats. Mandu was the oldest of our cats and the only one who would give him the time of to speak. Now it appears Mandu may be spending her final days with us and like a true friend, Grimm is right there by her side keeping a watchful eye on his old friend.  One friend commented to me this morning that it seemed like, especially these days, that animals act more human than many humans do.  Thinking on that statement, I'd have to say she's right. So tonight we'll circle the wagons, show Mandu the love and affection she's shown us for the last 17 years and say goodbye.

..........In her earlier years.

Goodbye Mandu. We love you ol girl! 

..........Til Next Time