Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Name That Movie

Hint  #1 Release date was December 2, 1988
Hint  #2 Set in Southern California
Hint  #3 One of the stars was a Disney child actor

Name That Movie!

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A Forgotten Treasure: The James Last Band

Not exactly something you would expect from a German big band leader, but then James Last was no ordinary musician.  He had a wide ranging repertoire and many hits around the world, but his biggest success in America came in the form of movie soundtrack music collaborations with Giorgio Moroder. One song in particular, The Seduction (Love Theme) was on the soundtrack of both The Seduction and American Gigolo. It was his only true hit in the United States reaching 18 on the adult contemporary charts.  German band leader James Last  with a definite SoCal vibe.....enjoy!

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