Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why Keith Olberman Is A Jerk

You know, there was a time when Keith Olbermann was at the top of his game and had fans around the world and I was one of them. On ESPN, Olbermann along with Dan Patrick and Chris Berman were the creme of the crop. Now, all these years later, Olbermann has given up and walked away from the truest of his talents to become just another talking head spewing partisan politics and hateful negativity on third place cable news outlet MSNBC. People talk about Rush Limbaugh's biased radio broadcasts and there's no doubt that they are. But in all fairness, if you want to talk about agressive, biased commentary, you have to include Keith Olbermann. All you have to do is watch this quick clip of his little catch phrases and jabs to understand why he has become one of the most incendiary hosts on television today.

Even now as he returns to NBC's Sunday night "Football Night In America" broadcast, it seems he just can't help himself as he injects subtle sarcastic political references while vo'ing the weekend's highlight reel. It's really too bad he has decided to go this route with his career. It seems such a waste of talent. I guess it just goes to show that a hatred of one man and a pretty hefty paycheck from the "Peacock" is enough to turn a once great broadcaster into a jerk.
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