Sunday, January 26, 2014

Where Are They Now?

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Growing up, we all had our favorite television show that we couldn't go a week without seeing. I was no different. Two of my favorite shows were Emergency and CHIPS. Even in my younger years, my fascination with California came through in the music I listened to and the television I watched. From the 70's and early 80's, these two shows just screamed California and I could never get enough. Even as an adult all these years later, I still find myself going back to my dvds, Netflix, and MeTV to chill out and reminisce.   
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But then there are those times your mind starts to drift and you wonder what some of these guys are up to today. Well, now I've been on a mission and found a couple of very interesting pages for Larry Wilcox (Jon Baker from CHIPS) and Randolph Mantooth (Johnny Gage from Emergency). These are links to blogs maintained by the actors themselves or an official rep. Either way, I found them really interesting and a nice insight into the men and what they've been up to since we spent hours being entertained by them in years gone by. I even discovered that Randolph Mantooth lives right here (at least part of the time) in Northern California. If you have time, check them out. I bet you find yourself taking a trip down memory lane and learning something you didn't know too!

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 Larry Wilcox on the Web:
      On Facebook: Larry Wilcox 7M3
      On IMDB :  Larry Wilcox
      Website:  LarryWilcox.Net

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Ranndolph Mantooth on the web:
     On Facebook: Randolph Mantooth
     On IMDB: Randolph Mantooth
     On Twitter: Randolph Mantooth
     Website:   Route 51
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