Sunday, March 22, 2015

Grimm's Adventure

My little buddy Grimm is recovering nicely from a little "snip snip" trip to the vet earlier this week.  Even though I felt somewhat guilty getting "it" done, having him constantly trying to hump everything in sight was getting to be too much to handle. The vet also says the procedure could possibly help a bit with his allergy issues. I have never heard that one before, but he's the subject matter expert, so I'll have to trust he knows what he's talking about.  Plus we really don't need any "accidents" with the neighborhood dogs if you know what I mean.  Grimm has always liked going to the vet's office.  The people who work there just think he is adorable and when we walked in, he heard the office manager's voice and made a bee line behind the counter.  Yeah, he doesn't mind going there because they treat him like a rock star. I just hope he doesn't hold this one trip against me. LOL   Today, four days after the procedure, he's outside  running around chasing around his stick and sniffing out his kingdom, making sure everything is order after his four day absence.  Yeah, things are getting back to normal.  Soon, he'll be back on the hiking trails and at the dog park winning hearts and minds like never before.  That's my little buddy and I wouldn't have him any other way!

Til next time..............
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