Friday, February 5, 2010

Back in the Saddle!!

Well Well! After taking a break for a bit we're going to try and get back in the routine of regular writing. But where to start? There's so much going on out there, it's hard to pick my first target. So I think we'll ease back into it with a laugh.

As a matter of fact, I think we'll reserve Fridays for the mind blowing Moron of the Week! It'll be someone that does something so incredibly stupid, you can't help but laugh!

Take for example this guy, who obviously didn't know what NSFW means. As you watch the video, forget about the person being interviewed. What he is saying is irrelevant to this video. Just watch the guy behind the interviewee, just over 'his' right shoulder. And be sure to watch the computer screen he's looking at too. And above all else remember that this is live television.

Somebody please tell this guy what NSFW means!!! Quickly, before he loses his job!

UPDATE: Since this video hit you tube earlier in the week, the guy in front of the computer screen has become a viral video superstar. Most people caught in this situation would have been blasted out of the building so fast, they wouldn't have known what hit them. Not this guy though. Not only did this guy get to keep his job, but Miranda Kerr, the Victoria Secret model who was the subject of the email photos seen in the video, along with another financial news website came to his defense. Read about the aftermath here.
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