Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Perfect Christmas Gift

I know it's only June but yesterday, during one of those rare weekdays off, I was thinking about Christmas gifts.  What would the the coolest things I could get (within my budget) for the coolest people in my life.  There are a few of them and while I by no means have figured it out yet, my trip to the Sacramento Zoo yesterday did provide some inspiration when it comes to the annoying ones on my list.  The lump of coal thing is way overdone (and over-rated) so I, being "that guy" think I have come up with the perfect gift for the most annoying person on anyone's gift list.   LOL  I think this will work just fine!

Oh yeah, this will go over real well and I probably won't have to worry about them being on the list next year.

Okay, so I'm PROBABLY not that big a jerk........but I guy can daydream can't he?

Til Next Time.....................

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