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A Few Good People Left In California, Aug.10, 2006

Except for Martiniville (the state of Massachusetts) and the southern half of New York state, most of the rest of America views California as the "Wacko State." Seriously, when you hear about California on the news, it's either illegal immigrants stealing the state, freeway car chases, Michael Jackson's debauchery, people like Scott Petterson, or idiots like Barbra Boxer and Nancy Pelosi.

However, the truth is that there are real Americans that still live in California, that are still fighting the good fight. Not just for California but for the rest of America too. One such example is a non-profit organization in San Diego called the "Warrior Foundation.

Warrior Foundation's mission is to help wounded and disabled military heroes leading the fight in the war against Terror. They vow to assist, honor, and support the soldiers who have so bravely served and sacrificed for our country. They do this in a variety of ways including procuring hard to get items for troops at Balboa Naval Hospital. They have purchased plane tickets for wounded troops so they can visit home over the holidays without having to worry about money. When wounded troops can't travel because of their injuries, they pay for family members to come to San Diego so they can be with their loved ones.

In addition to financial and material contributions from individuals from across the country, the Warrior Foundation has received incredible support from the San Diego business community including small business owners and high powered corporate entities such as Budget Rent A Car and Holiday Inn just to name a couple.

To the Warrior Foundation, it matters not if the "wounded warrior" is a San Diego native. They have provided support for troops and family members from as far away as Ohio. The prevailing attitude is that as long as a wounded military member (or a member of their family) is in San Diego, then they ARE PART OF SAN DIEGO. Check out the audio right here, to hear first hand an example of this All American attitude in action. It's approximately four and a half to five minutes long, but trust me, it's well worth the listen and proved to me that there are still a few good people left in California.

Learn more at: The Warrior Foundation

(originally posted on Yahoo 360 on 8-10-06)
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