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History Lesson From An Unlikely Source, August 27, 2006

With the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America just around the corner, the folks at CNN in Atlanta have announced that,as part of their 9/11 anniversary coverage, they intend to rebroadcast their actual on-air coverage from that fateful morning to the exact minute five years later on 9/11/2006. This airing is scheduled to take place on their online platform called "CNN Pipeline."

Normally, I am not a fan of CNN for several different reasons....not the least of which is their blatently one sided presentation of material on a wide range of subjects and even more blatent attempts at times to rewrite history so it better serves their underlying liberal agenda.

But this time, I believe that replaying the actual video of planes flying into the World Trade Center Towers, the subsuquent attack in Washington and the coverage from the farm in Pennsylvannia where United Flight 93 went down will be powerful enough by itself that any accompanying CNN "present day" commentary will be barely noticed.

Another reason that I feel that this an excellent move by CNN (I can hardly believe I just said that) is that in the five years following the attacks, much has been said and written about those attacks. Much of what happened on that day has politicized and seemingly commercialized with numerous documentaries, movies, and primetime tv dramas that have chosen to include the events of 9/11 as part of their storylines.

The re-airing of these events, on the anniversary in real time, will no doubt be painful for many. At the same time though, it will re-enforce the fact that 9/11 was a real event. A real attack on America that affected real people in real ways that so many of us have never experienced. It, I believe, will remind those who watch that the underlying issues still exist and the people who hate western society and America in particular are still out there. Hopefully, it will remind Americans with any common sense whatsoever that terrorism and terrorist are not problems to be treated as politicalweapons but as a human problems that need to be dealt with in an honest, straightforward, bipartisan manner. Because in the end the events of 9/11 and any future similar events effects everyone.....not just liberals or conservatives. Hopefully, Americans will pay attention to this history lesson from an unlikely source.

(originally posted 8/26/06 on Yahoo 360)
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