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The Perfect Day, August 6, 2006

Today, someone asked me what my perfect day would be. Hmm, I had to think about that one for a minute. On any given day, it could be something different. It could be a day spent in the mountains hiking and exploring. It could a day with the kids at the lake. It could be a camping trip or it could be a day at the races. It could be alot of different things. But today I'm in a beach kind of mood.

The day would start out with breakfast on the beach. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day and I couldn't imagine a better way to enjoy it than with the smell of the ocean, a cool breeze coming off the water, and a white sandy beach. After breakfast, we'd spend time just hangin' out on the beach taking it all in and drinking those fruity drinks with the umbrellas. You know the ones, the drinks that you'd never want your macho pals to see you with. LOL

By now, it's probably lunch time. So after something lite for lunch, we'll head down to the harbor to rent out one of those deep sea fishing charters. My boys love fishing and that would be a huge thing for them....and a lot of fun for the adults too!!! Kicking back, enjoying the waves, the sun, and my family. Couldn't think of a better way to spend the afternoon.

By the time we pull back into the harbor, we're all starved. Steak and shrimp sounds good for dinner don't you think? Yeah! Me too! Then, after dinner we're off to explore the beach community a bit. Do a little shopping, a little hangin' out, and in general just having a good time together as a family.

Later on, after the kids call it a's time to head back to the beach for a little quality time with the better half. The stars, the moonlight dancing on the water, and a little wine. Yep! The perfect end to the perfect day!

I think on Monday when I get to work, my first stop will be HR to see how much vacation time I have on the books! LOL

Where would you spend your "perfect day?"
the beach 3
the lake 2
the mountains 2
at home 0
something else 0
(originally posted at Yahoo 360 on 8-06-06)
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