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They Must Be Happy, August 24, 2006

AFTER TAKING A BREAK FROM WATCHING THE NEWS FOR a week or so, I began watching again about the middle of last week. Since then I have come to a disppointing realization......The Islamo-facist around the world must be pretty darned happy today.

Hezbollah finally has their so called cease-fire for lasting peace. This little "timeout" reminds me a lot of two preteen brothers who had to be seperated by their parents, enforcing an artificial peace that you knew would last only until the parents turned their backs and one of the brothers lost focus. The only difference here is that we are talking about two groups of people who have been fighting longer than any of us have been alive. And the stakes are much higher than those of the most vocal sibling fueds.

Hezbollah (and by proxy...Iran and Syria) is sure to be overjoyed at the prospect of having as much time as they need to bring in more fighters and resupply their forces in Lebanon. Last week, a plane from Iran bound for Syria was escorted out of Turkish airspace by the Turkish Air Force because it was suspected of carrying weapons eventually bound for Lebanon. This sort of activity is the only thing that this farce of a cease-fire will accomplish. In a few months, maybe a year or two if we're lucky, we'll be right back where we were a month and a half major fact that seems to be lost on most of the leaders from around the world.

Another reason the Islamo-facist are happy today is that, as we approach the anniversary of 9/11, it would appear that the United States still hasn't learned the most important lessons that were thrust upon us that fall day 5 years ago. You can't bargin or negotiate with or try to appease those who wish to assimilate or destroy western society. We tried that in the "earlier" Bush years and again later through two Clinton administrations. We all know how far that got us. But yet here we are listening to Condaleeza Rice talking about trying to negotiate a "lasting peace" in the Middle East. HAVE WE NOT LEARNED ANYTHING FROM HISTORY??? Sometimes I wonder.

Storm clouds continue to gather over the Middle East region. Since the end of hostilities in the first Gulf War, the terrorists and their sponsor nations have learned that they no longer have to fear the United States, Israel, or Great Britian. In this particular case, the only way those storm clouds will dissperse is to let Israel do what Israel is more than capable of doing. Eliminate the threat. You don't try to reason or negotiate with a pack of rabid dogs that attack your child as he or she walks home from school. You eliminate the threat. That is exactly what you do and it's exactly what Israel should be allowed to do now. If that includes carpet bombing Teheran and Damascus....then so be it. Eliminate the threat.....whatever it takes.

And if all that weren't enough, the Islamo Facist could potentially hit the mother lode here in the United States by taking advantage of our illegal immigration problems. Problems that only a small number of politicians want to seriously address. Our open borders are nothing more than welcome mats for terrorists who can easily blend in with the huge numbers of illegal Mexican immigrants that pour accross our southern border every day. Once here they get assistance from groups like the ACLU, LaRaza, The Catholic Church, and politicians of the Democratic and Republican parties who don't have the courage or the guts to do what it takes to truly secure our borders. When you throw in morons like Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore, who spend all their time whipping up an anti Amercan frenzy, it isn't hard to understand why the Islamo Facist no longer fear us. They are just so giddy, that they can barely contain themselves.

There may be a cease fire in the Middle East right now, but storm clouds are continuing to gather. Now is the time for us to stand up and tell our elected leaders that we, as a society, are tired of playing games with these people. Fight the fight the way it should be fought. Let Israel defend herself the way she is capable of defending herself.

Let our men and women fight the fight the way only the U.S. Armed Forces can, eliminate the threat by doing whatever it takes, and wipe those smirks of the faces of Islamo Facist and terrorists around the world. We'll see how happy they are then.

(originally posted 7/24/06 on Yahoo 360)
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