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Gotta Love Them Libs!, August 29, 2006

Night before last I wrote a blog about upcoming 9/11 programming on CNN Pipeline. I fully expected to get a few responses, some saying they would watch and others saying….nope! Still a too emotional topic. Maybe some would agree or disagree with CNN’s decision. I figured that would be it and we would move on to the next topic. As some of you may have discovered, that’s not exactly what happened. If you missed it check out yesterday’s “History Lesson From An Unlikely Source.”

I have always subscribed to the philosophy that reasonable people can reasonably disagree. As long as they aren’t overly aggressive, abusive, or obscene, I will deny no one access to my page or my writings. Based on that philosophy, my friends list include several people that could only be described at being polar opposites of myself. One of those people is a fellow that online goes by the name Juggalo Rassam. Parts of his comment on my blog from night before last was just so far out there, I decided to use it as fodder for tonight’s entry. At first I was going to ignore it and move on, but then I thought an attempt at a dialogue with a left winger whose favorite politician is Howard Dean could be entertaining. After learning that little tidbit, I don’t feel so bad about admitting that I own Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits 2 Disc Set. LOL At least now I know I’m not the saddest person on the planet! And “Juggalo,” if you’re actually reading this and getting pissed….GET A SENSE OF HUMOR!!!! I’m only playing with you man!

This rebuttal could get somewhat lengthy, so before we start…..go take a bathroom break, grab a cold one from the fridge, or top off the coffee mug! Here we go!!!!!!

1. I am so tired of conservatives WHINING about the "liberal media" - actually the media is Conservative!

Two things here…..first I will remind you that you are the one who initiated contact with me via an invitation to join your page, parts of which I do enjoy from time to time. However, if you don’t like or can’t handle conservative chatter…or “whining” as you call it, feel free to use the delete button at your earliest convenience. You won’t be hurting any feelings here. Secondly, when it comes to the media there’s plenty of BOTH to go around. Liberals dominate television with the lone exception of FOX News. Radio is the conservative domain except for the Air America Network (more on this one later) and a handful of stations scattered across the country. For the record…I never used the phrase “liberal media.” What I said was that I was not a fan of CNN. While it’s true that part of that reason is political, a larger part is more with the current management/ownership. Their treatment of Ted Turner after he sold his broadcasting empire to TIME/WARNER was an abomination. He deserved much better than he got. The programming and personnel decisions (ex: Greta VanSustren and Aaron Brown) at CNN have not been much better either. That’s why I am not a fan of CNN. That’s also why the FOX News Channel has won almost every primetime daypart for over five years now.

2. Let's see so Liberal CNN gave non-stop coverage of the Monica Lewinsky scandal to help Clinton? Yet, all the many Bush lies just get a one day 2 minute clip & then are quickly forgotten. ANY TIME Bill Clinton got caught in some rumor they covered it & covered it. But, Bush just gets away with stuff. Perfect example was when Kerry did one thing PERFECT in the debate -> He called Bush on his B.S. he told quoted Bush saying "Bin Laden dead or alive" & then a few months later Bush said "he doesn't think much about bin laden"...Bush responded with a smirk "I don't remember saying that, guess that's another exaggeration". Yet, right after the debate they played a video tape of bush & Kerry quoted bush 100% correctly. Also bush made fun of Kerry logging company comment bush said "wanna buy some wood" - again Bush lied/or didn't know what he was talking about & Kerry was right.

CNN gave the coverage to the Lewinsky Scandal because they didn’t have a choice. In the real world we call it competiton. But in the course of covering it they continually played it down as no big deal and tried to make excuses for his behavior. They never asked the tough questions of Clinton when they had the opportunity and were more than willing to accept “I did not have sex with that woman” as the official line. For their part, FOX never asked the tough questions either, opting for the quick two-minute sound bites from the opposition. The only person that actually had the courage to ask those tough questions was the late Peter Jennings of ABC. However, that didn’t come until after the scandal had become a non-story. As for the lies….if Clinton has just told the truth to begin with, the whole episode and the accompanying side show most likely would’ve disappeared more quickly. Personally, my big picture view is that if the man was willing to lie to the world about something relatively trivial like getting a bj from a fat intern, then what other immensely more important things was he lying to us about. It’s all about a little thing called credibility and trust. If your words hold no truth or honor then you are worthless as a human being. And when it comes to the alleged Bush lies……I believe he should be held to that same standard. But as of yet, I haven’t seen or heard any hard proof that he has intentionally lied about anything. A single video with audio taken totally out of context doesn’t constitute a lie. All that proves is that the libs are great at video editing too! Empty words from Howard Dean, John Kerry, Al “the man who was almost president” Gore, Al Franken, or Michael Moore don’t count either! Sorry!!!

3. If you want to see REAL BIAS - watch Fox News! CNN reports the truth - they are not biased! I think anytime a conservative hears a reporter say something that is not the opinion of Rush Limbaugh they assume they must be a liberal! LOL

FOX News biased? Of course they are! AND SO IS CNN!!! Business 101: Find your target demographic and serve it! For FNC, It’s the 25 to 54 year old conservatives. For CNN it’s the 34 to 65 year old liberals. Each networks primary programming is designed to serve their key demo. The trick for each network is to find on air commentators that can provided intelligent informed balance to that primary content. FOX News has one of the best liberal political commentators on TV today in the person of Alan Colmes. Bright, intelligent, and articulate, Colmes is a master at asking tough questions and getting the opposing viewpoint out there! They have other liberal commentators too from the Washington Post and National Public Radio that are excellent at their craft. CNN on the other hand…..well they had Aaron Brown and they pissed that away. Other than that the best they could do was Robert Novak and Tucker Carlson….both the worst examples of tv journalism you could possibly find. Carlson was nothing more than a bothersome little nerd that you just want to kick in the kneecaps and scream “DON’T BE ON MY SIDE!” Then there’s the infamous Novak temper tantrum when the heat got a little to warm for him. FOX made a huge mistake in bringing him onboard. Now they(CNN) don’t even try to have any balance or objectivity. Many times they don’t have a clue what’s going on... even when they’re looking right at it. Example: During Katrina coverage, Wolf Blitzer droned on for over 15 minutes about some poor people in orange jumpsuits trapped on a freeway overpass that needed help. Long story short….Wolfie’s “poor people in orange jumpsuits” turned out to be prison inmates being guarded by police officers awaiting evacuation to another facility. Wolf couldn’t be bothered with the “truth” though. His version made for “better tv” until someone in the control room finally shut him up. The only on air talent they have that has any real talent is Lou Dobbs. Sooner or later management will find a way to run him off too.

4. To educate yourself read Al Franken's book on Rush "Rush Limbaugh Is a Big Fat Idiot", & his book "Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right".

Limbaugh and Franken are both idiots! All Limbaugh does is regurgitate party talking points day after day relentlessly. He becomes rather tiresome after a while. Franken should’ve stuck to what he’s good at……Saturday Night Live. His skits and his writing on SNL were phenomenal, however as a political commentator, he sucks. Wait, you have to do political commentary to be a political commentator, so let me rephrase that. As talk show host, Franken is an abomination . In the beginning, The Air America Network signed on with The Al Franken Show as its marquee show. For the first three months (basically one ratings period), their numbers were great. Part of it was due to the fact that liberals finally had an alternative when it came to political talk radio. Part of it was also what I call the “Franken Fun Factor.” I mean come on….anyone with a sense of humor couldn’t help but find Franken funny where comedy was concerned. But the constant whining about and bashing of Rush Limbaugh got a bit tiresome after a while. It didn’t long for a huge majority of the networks listeners to figure this out. Even many of the most ardent Rush haters stopped listening because of the incessant whining and hateful diatribes. It got so bad at one point, the networks ownership was on the verge of filing bankruptcy until the shareholders stepped in, fired the inexperienced management, brought in “real radio people” to right the ship and get things back under control and on the right track. Today, Franken’s show and the network in general still gets trounced regularly in the ratings. Even in San Francisco, America’s most liberal city, the best Al Franken and Air America could manage was a 28th place finish. But at least it's easier to tolerate now and they’re actually on the verge of turning a profit.

5. I just hope everyone knows by now that SADDAM did NOT do 9/11 - BIN LADEN did it! NONE of the terrorists were IRAQI! Most were Saudi!

Maybe I missed it, but I have never heard anyone ever say that Hussein did 9/11. Stop trying use that as a talking point. Stick to the war for oil mantra. You’ll convince more people with that one.

6. You know no one has to PAY for police insurance or military defense insurance - why health? I'm more likely to get sick then attacked!

I’m shaking my head in utter amazement on this one. Take a deep breath and read this next line very slowly…..YOU DO PAY FOR POLICE AND MILITARY DEFENSE INSURANCE. IT’S CALLED TAXES!!!!!! You know what taxes are don’t you? It’s the part of OUR paychecks that the Clintons, Kerrys, Kennedys, and Deans of the world are constantly trying to increase the size of because they think that money belongs to them instead of the people who earned it! Socialized medicine will never work either. It has failed or is currently failing miserably everywhere is has been or is being tried. Why do you think so many Canadians are coming across the border and paying for American health care out of their own pockets instead of getting it for free at home?

7. Keep this in mind when you speak of "people who hate western society and America" - too many of those don't just hate us because of our Constituion, morals, traditions, religions, or freedoms. Many hate America because of the HORRIBLE things our govt. has done throughout history.

Since the death of the Prophet Muhammed, muslim extremist have been waging war against “the infidels.” History is littered with the aftermath of each and every one of these battles, some of which they won, some they didn’t. Their mission since that time has been to convert or destroy the infidels. Anything that the United States might or might not have done is NOT the reason for their hatred of us, just a means of justifying their actions to the parts of humanity that still aren’t bright enough to understand or refuses to believe whats really going on!

Finally…..1. Ethnic cleansing of native Americans
2.Massive war crimes in Vietnam war
3.Embargo of Cuba but not China or Saudi Arabia
4.Removal of the freely elected democratic government of Chile by the CIA
5.Support for Iraqi war crimes and weapons of mass destruction

With the exception of your Cuba statement, the rest of this is total b.s. excuses used by 60’s burnouts who long for the days when it was cheaper to run to Canada than it was to get a real job or, god forbid, actually stand up be a man and help defend this great nation. That pretty much covers #2 & #4. As for #1.….. My families blood lines run deep in the Cherokee Nation. During my lifetime I’ve probably forgotten more about Native American history than you’ll ever know, so don’t you dare pretend to lecture me on Native American History. I guarantee you….you’ll lose! #3…I had to wade through almost your entire post before I found something that we were in total agreement on…...Although I suspect for different reasons. And finally #5 War Crimes….No one in this nation supports war crimes. NOBODY. We currently have troops imprisoned in Southern California, Kentucky, and in Baghdad on charges related to alledged war crimes committed in Iraq. Some of them even face the death penalty if found guilty. If they are guilty they will be punished just as they should be. But make no mistake, let me be very very clear about this…UNTIL SUCH TIME THAT THEY ARE FOUND GUILTY, THESE TROOPS AND THEIR FAMILIES HAVE MY TOTAL, UNFETTERED, UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT. That is the very least we can do for the men and women who serve around the world in harms way doing the deed so that the rest of us, including you Juggalo, can sleep safely and soundly every night.

And for the grande finale….weapons of mass destruction. WMD’s did exist in Iraq. The UN inspectors couldn’t find them because they were incompetent boobs. They went about their work in Iraq in total oblivion to what was going on around them. Hussein used chemical weapons against his own people (the Kurds). He also used them against the Iranians. It turned sure defeat into a stalemate, otherwise the Iranians would be calling the shots from Baghdad today. He would have used them on the Kuwaiti’s too if we hadn’t intervened after his invasion of Kuwait. Ah yes, the first Gulf War……I was there and saw a lot of it firsthand….and here’s the bottom line my friend. When you sit across the table from an Iraqi exile who can’t even shed tears for his dead family as he describes their deaths because his face is horribly disfigured as a result of a chemical attack……then maybe I’ll listen to YOUR WHINING about weapons of mass destruction. Until then your diatribes fall on deaf ears. Good night and pleasant dreams Juggalo.

(originally posted 8/29/06 on Yahoo 360)

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