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Justice Really Is Blind!!! October 22, 2006

BUT NOT IN THE WAY WE LIKE TO SAY SOMETIMES. This time around, two American Border Patrol Agents were sentenced (this past Thursday) to 11 and 12 years in federal prison......for shooting and illegal alien drug smuggler/dealer in the butt as he tried to flee agents attempting to arrest him.

The U-S Attorney in West Texas originally sought life in prison for Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean based on the following charges: assault with serious bodily injury; assault with a deadly weapon; discharge of a firearm in relation to a crime of violence; and civil rights violations. They also were convicted of four counts and two counts, respectively, of obstruction of justice for not reporting that their weapons had been fired. The agents were acquitted of the most serious charge: assault with intent to commit murder.

This drug dealer, Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila was given immunity by the U-S Department of Justice and Homeland Security and free medical care at a U-S Army facility in return for his testimony. Shortly after the trial, this thug from Mexico was caught once again entering the country illegally with a large amount of drugs for resale in his posession. During the trial, there were no witnesses against the agents other than Aldrete-Davila himself. There are some other astounding aspects to this case that are simply put.....unbelievable. (see links below)

This one story is the best example I can find that shows how insane the handling of this nations immigration policy is. Politicians would rather have open borders and put all Americans at risk than admit that the globalist stances of the current adminstration and the idea of a North American Union (just like the European Union) is a horrible idea. I have another blog on this coming soon!

I support President Bush in almost everything he's done so far. One thing I will never support is his globalist views and his immigration policy. That policy and his relationship with the Mexican government is directly responsible for the conviction of these two border patrol agents charged with protecting this nations border.

These two agents came to America as immigrants and legal ones at that. They could have done anything with their lives, but they chose law enforcement. Not only did they choose to give something back to the country that had given them a new home, but they chose probably the most dangerous form of law enforcement when they chose the border patrol. What did they get for their efforts? SCREWED! These two guys, in all probability, kept over one million dollars in drugs out of our schools and off our streets. Ramos, a 10 year Border Patrol veteran, had even been nominated last year for "Border Patrol Agent of the Year." Nice way to say thanks there Uncle Sam. I guess it really is true what they say. Justice is blind. Blind as a frieking bat!


1. Convicted agent tells his story 2. Troublings aspects of case against two agents 3. Convicted agents find lots of support 4. Agents' case prompts call for probe 5.Agents get congressional support 6. Leaders push for delay in agents case 7. Letter from Congress expresses need for review of agents case 8. Agents request for delay denied 9.Justice Department asked to review case 10. Families wait and worry 11.Jurors say they were misled to convict agents 12. Families get to enjoy holidays before sentence begins.


1. Agent Ramos Blog 2. US Attorney response ***note this one is in pdf format. You will need an Acrobat Reader to view this document. It should also be noted that statements contained in this document (presented as fact) are reported to have been taken from the testimony of the illegal alien drug smuggler/dealer with no coroborating evidence. IT WILL MAKE YOUR BLOOD BOIL.

If you have a strong opinion (either way) about this case, you can show your support and make your opinions heard here....

Agents Ramos and Compean US Attorneys Office for West Texas

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Originally posted 10/22/06 on Yahoo 360
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