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When The Dust Settles, November 07, 2006

Well, late on this Election Night 2006, it seems that a very loud and clear message has been sent. "Throw the Bums Out!" Yes indeed, the Democrats have finally acheived pretty much what they wanted. They now have control of the House and at this late hour the Senate is still up for grabs. In all probability, Nancy Pelosi will be the next Speaker of the House. She will have to come closer to the middle though because many of the incoming Democrats are no where near as liberal as the leadership is. In plain english, many of the newly elected Democrats appear to be more moderate when it comes to things like the Second Amendment, Flag Burning, and some abortion issues just to name a few. In some instances, you might see some of these moderate Democrats joining the Republicans on some of these issues.

One thing has not changed though......When the dust settles this country still has three major problems that have to to be addressed in a serious and honest fashion.

1. Immigration---There is not a single example of a country, society, or civilization in the history of planet earth that has survived without controlled immigration and borders. It's no different this time either. If you can find an example of one, email me and prove me wrong. But I don't think anyone can.

2. The War in Iraq---This is a touchy one for people like me. I was there the first time and felt that it was handled horribly in the end. We gave a people their country back but we also let a lot of people down back then. This is our chance to make it right and it's not too late to accomplish that. Our nation has the best military on the planet that is more than capable of any task given. We have done a lot of good things for the people of Iraq, but it has been clear for some time that some changes need to be made both in big picture strategy and leadership at the Defense Department. It's also clear that "cut and run" or "immediate redeployment" is not nor will it ever be an acceptable answer. All that will accomplish is to make our military and our nation look weak and open us up for even more problems down the road. Now it's time for the Democrats stand up, stop bashing the President, and deal with this war in a serious bi-partisan manner to come up with an acceptable plan that acomplishs our goals while giving our troops the tools and the latitude they need to do the job correctly.

3. And finally, the War on Terror---It is time that liberals across the country take this issue seriously. We are facing an enemy that is fighting by a completely different set of rules than we are. This can only end badly unless the bickering over the handling of terrorists and the execution of this war on terror ends and ends now. The enemy has been very clear and deadly serious in it's intent where western society is concerned. History has proved that they are more than capable of carrying out that intent. That is not going to change because the Democrats won big tonight.

So America has made it's voice heard and now it's time to get down to business. The solutions to this nation's problems are not out of reach, but it's going to take everyone working together to get there. And it will be up to us to hold our new House and Senate accountable for making that happen.

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