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They Still Don't Get It! November 15, 2006

Well, it looks like the election honeymoon lasted about a week. Now those inside the Beltway are getting down to the business of jockeying and positioning for seats of power within both parties in the upcoming new Congress that soon will soon take control. Today, the Republicans tapped Mississippi's Trent Lott for the position of minority whip by a single vote. Lott was ousted from the majority leader post four years ago after making improper remarks during a tribute to Senator Strom Thurmond. For my money, Senator Lamar Alexander from Tennessee would have been a much better choice. Alexander, former Governor of Tennessee and former presidential candidate, is a great example of everything that right with the Republican Party and not one to bow to pressure from fellow legislators. That, most likely, was also his undoing in his bid to become minority whip.

Then we come to the democrats......New majority leader Nancy Pelosi of California made a huge deal prior to the election, and in the week following, about taking America in a new direction. One of her big mantras was the she would work tirelessly to rid America's legislative body of "the graft and coruption currently associated with the Republican led Congress." Ok Ms Pelosi, let's see what you have for us so far..........

First, there's her support for John Murtha in his bid to become the #2 Dem behind behind Pelosi herself in the coming Congress. Putting aside Murtha's current stance on the Iraq war, lets look at some other Murtha tidbits. John Murtha was a major target in the FBI's ABSCAM investigation. During this investigation Murtha was caught on tape with FBI agents posing as Middle Eastern businessmen who were attempting to bribe members Congress in return for political favors for a fictional Arab sheik. On the tape (abscam 1 & abscam 2) Murtha appeared willing to deal with the men but wanted to test the waters first by getting them to invest in his district. The House Ethics Committee eventually voted along party lines not to punish Murtha because, after learning of the video, he chose to testify against fellow congressmen. The special counsel to the committee was so disgusted by the proceeding that he resigned in protest.

Then for chairmanship of the House Intelligence Committee, well Pelosi wants to see Alcee Hastings get the nod there. Yep! The same Alcee Hastings that was impeached from the federal bench where as a judge, he was found to be guilty of conspiracy and accepting bribes.

What is this broad thinking????? You tell us you get the message and then turn around and promote these two people, who should be under the jail, for prominent leadership positions in our nations Congress?......deep cleansing breaths.......deep cleansing breaths

Election night, I said we'll see. Now, I guess we have. And guess what, Presidential campaigning starts shortly. Geez.........I can't wait!

Til next time....................

Originally posted 11/15/06 on Yahoo 360

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