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Back In The Groove, January 27, 2007

Well, the first week of the new job is now in the books! Working for this new company is going to be a pretty cool deal. I generally don't spend a lot of time talking about this kind of stuff in my blogs, but these people are really good people and I am extremely pleased to be a part of the organization. Although I am still trying to get the "lay of the land" (so to speak), I suspect that this is the beginning of another long run with a great group of people.

There's lots of other stuff going on in the world out there too that deserves some attention. For all the NASCAR fans, Daytona is coming up soon. There is a cool story there about a guy who's attempting to become the oldest man to ever qualify for the race. We'll talk about that a bit as qualifying gets closer. Of course, there's lots of political nonsense going on to write about. And then there's the Rosie/Donald Trump fiasco.

Since that one is "old news" by now, I'm not going to waste an entire blog on it. But since I wasn't around when it all went down, I will say this........Both Rosie and Donald Trump are nothing more over publicized and over paid windbags. I'm not in any shape, form, or fashion a fan of either. Having said that though, I think Rosie needs to pick her fights a little better. She started that whole deal by sticking her nose where it didn't belong. If she were as intelligent as she would like us all to believe, she should have known that Donald Trump is the last person she would want to engage in a public war of words and especially over something as trival as "Miss America." In the big picture, neither of them have anything of any socially redeaming value to offer those who reside in "Middle America," but they certainly did provide an entertaining distraction from the post holiday doldrums we seem to experience this time every year.

With that, I think this entry is about complete. As I close tonight though, I do want to thank everyone who has sent message of well wishes and support over the past couple of months. You guys are some really special people and you all are a big reason for the success of this 360 community. Thanks Again! And.................

Til Next Time

originally posted 1-27-07 on Yahoo 360

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