Sunday, October 19, 2008

Terry Tate Strikes Again!

Remember back in 2003, Superbowl 37, when Reebok first introduced us to Terry Tate:Office Linbacker? It was one of the many commercials that gained a lot of attention that year for their originality, creativity, and humor. Then once the game was over and all the hub-bub surrounding that years crop of Superbowl ads had subsided, Terry Tate endured the same fate as all the other "stars" of the Superbowl Sunday marketing blitz. He faded to the dark recesses of our memories, late night trivial pursuit questions, and obscure website pages........until now.

Terry has re-emerged onto the scene this presidential election year with a campaign designed to get the apathetic to polls. In typical Tate style, he has picked a side (and his first victim) so I'm pretty sure he won't entice too many conservatives to the polls with his latest video. But I have to admit it is kinda funny and it definitely gets your attention. Check it out.....

WOW! I'm not entirely sure who did the production on this piece, but my hat's off to them. The production was seamless. I spent a half hour trying to find the edit points with no luck. Very well done. I guess you could say that this piece give a whole new meaning to "Rock the Vote!"

Til next time..................
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