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New Year, New Gig, New Attitude! January 24, 2007

I'm Back.........Finally! The day after my last entry something not totally unexpected, but still a jolt to the system, occurred. For the first time in my life, I was unemployed. I and over a dozen other employees in two locations were told that "our services" would no longer be needed and that we "were not being retained." No explanations, no thank you for your time and work, no nothing. That said, I'm not going to waste time bashing these people because quite frankly my time is more valuable than that and more importantly, even though it real easy to go down that just isn't my style. I do, however, want to publicly acknowledge some people and things that happened that day. First off, our general manager, who was also "not retained," was the one who had to break the news to us. From my perspective and to his credit, he handled the whole distasteful affair with a grace, dignity, and style that is often missing in today's corporate environment. As for our former employer, Regent Communications, I just can't say enough about the class they showed through this episode. Not just with their words of support, but with their actions well. I'm not going to get into the details, but suffice to say, I walked away from my time with this company with nothing but repect for the whole organization.

So November 30th, I started a relaxing 30 day vacation by laughingly saying to my wife that the new owners must not have seen the humor in my last blog. Oh well, it's their problem not mine. I spent the next month, including a wonderful Christmas and New Years, relaxing, enjoying some real quality time with my family, and just re-energizing. Ahhhhhh! That felt good!

Then, the first week of January I set my sights on my next adventure. It took about three weeks to get all the details worked out. This past Monday, I signed the agreement and yesterday I started. Even after all these years, the first day of a new job still feels like the first day of school after summer vacation.....and more so when you consider that some of my new co-workers were also co-workers at various points during my last job. Yep! "The Band is Back Together".......or at least partially anyway.


Now it's a New Year with a New Gig and a New Attitude!

Til Next Time!

Originally posted 1-24-07 on Yahoo 360

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