Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Is It Just Me Or What?

Am I the only one the has a really bad feeling about this year's upcoming election? As I listened to tonight's debate, I got the sinking feeling that no matter who wins in November, our great nation is going to be in for some rough times over the next four years.

As I watched and listened, I saw one candidate that appeared old and tired and who sang pretty much the same song as Bush did eight years ago.....and so far that hasn't turned out too well. The other, young and vibrant but coming from the extreme opposite direction. At times he almost sounded like a socialist, especially when it came to taxes and entitlements. McCain, for his part, tried to respond.....but it just wasn't convincing, at least not to me. This country has some serious problems and neither of these guys have convinced me that they have the answer. As a independent conservative, I have never been as disappointed in my choices as I am this year.

What do you think? Who won the debate in your opinion...or did anybody really win? And looking at the bigger picture, is the two-party political system we have evolved into, really in America's best interest or is it taking us down a road we that we should not be traveling?

Til Next Time.....
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