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Even Extremists Have A Price, October 09, 2006

WE'VE ALL HEARD THE old saying, "Everybody Has A Price." Examples are all around us everyday and come in many different forms. Probably the most visible comes in the form of reality TV shows like Jerry Springer, Fear Factor, Cheaters, and Blind Date. On these shows people are either paid (or agree to participate in hopes of winning ) varying amounts of money to reveal secrets about their lives or perform stunts that much of America will gladly watch in grand voyueristic style.

This week however, we found out that even the most extreme among us who profess that nothing will deter them from their ideology or mission have a price. It all happened in the aftermath of the shooting deaths of the young Amish school girls in Lancaster County Pennsylvannia.

While the rest of America was mourning the deaths of these young girls, The Reverend Fred Phelps and his minions were quietly planning a hideous protest at the funerals of these children. Fortunately one national radio talk show host was keeping his eye on the ball. Nationally syndicated talk show host Mike Gallagher saw news reports about the Phelps clan planning one of their evil hideous military funeral style protests for these slain amish girls. Gallagher interviewed Shirley Phelps-Roper on his show in an attempt to convince them not to protest. This hideous excuse for a human being actually said in that interview that these little girls, some as young as six years old, were nothing more than "whorish little souls" who "deserved to die" and that they were "burning in hell" as she spoke. After hearing this, Gallagher immediately offered to write her a check for 50,000 dollars if she would agree that there would be no protests at the Amish funerals. She promptly and rudely refused.

Gallagher then asked her what it would take to get them not to protest. She refused to answer. You could tell he was getting frustrated.......then he shocked the world (and educated us too) by offering these evil people an hour of free radio air strings attached. After a brief pause........she accepted. With that we learned that even people who claim to speak for God and that they will not be deterred from their mission have a price. Bought off with a mere hour of radio air time. Yes even extremists have a price and in the end showed themselves for the evil hideous frauds we've always known they were. case you're wondering about their hour on national radio, I can say listening to that hour of the Mike Gallagher show made me very proud to part of an industry that, when needed, can rise to the occasion and make a difference. As for the broadcast itself, it was the most disgusting piece of broadcasting I have ever heard. But I applaud Mike Gallagher for doing it and for saving that Amish community in Pennsylvannia from the grief and pain known as the "Westboro Baptist Church."

One last footnote: Mike has taken a huge amount criticism over this from people who just don't get it. Read his column about it HERE! If you agree with and appreciate what he did, why not send him an email and let him know? The link is at the top of the article. I'm sure he'd appreciate it.

originally posted 10/9/06 on Yahoo 360
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