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My Biggest Pet Peeve! , October 11, 2006

PLEASE INDULGE ME FOR A MOMENT.......If you are a used car salesman and you own or work for a lot whose name starts with the word "HONEST" don't even attempt to speak to me. Anytime Bill, Joe, or John feels the need to use the word Honest as part of the name of their business, it is usually means that there is also an underlying need to convince you of their honesty. Most of the time they are anything but honest and the red flags should go up immediately. In my line of work, I've had to deal with these type of people from time to time. Ninety percent of the time, these guys are about as honest as defense lawyers and politicans. Bottom line....If Honest Bill tries to sell you a used car, please... for the love of god and all that is right in this world, run the other way as fast as you can! If you don't, chances are you WILL get ripped off and Honest Bill fire up a stogie as he takes your money and waddles off to the bank or the nearest bar to celebrate another duped consumer.

Ditto for anyone who ends a sentence with the phrase "Honest Injun." It was cute when Tom Sawyer said it and remotely funny when you hear it on Ren & Stimpy reruns, but that's as far as it goes. Today, if anybody uses that phrase in a conversation with usually means they are blowing smoke up your backside. BE CAREFUL!

Now some of you may be saying, "Good Grief! Where in the world did this rant come from?" Well here in Northern California, there is a television commercial (not one I had anything to do with, thank god!) running for a real estate company that used a female pastor to hawk their services. I'm not sure if it was a paid endorsement or if she was doing a testimonial for the company. Not that it really matters, but the commercial was kinda vauge in that regard. The part that really got me wound up came at the end of the commercial when she said proudly proclaimed...."I'm a pastor and I don't lie!" I just about came unglued!

To me, a pastor hawking services for an industry that has had more than it's fair share of ugly stories is something that should raise eyebrows, especially for those who attend this pastor's church. But more importantly, a real estate agency that resorts to promoting themselves by using a religious person who is overtly flaunting her posistion in an attempt to convince the public of the agency's honesty is just plain working too hard to convince everyone of their honesty and should be looked at with a critical eye.

Like I said earlier, anytime a business has to try that hard to convince you of their honesty, more times than not, there is a reason for it. Be careful! In the case of the pastor using her posistion as a religious leader to sway potential future real estate deals.....well, lets just say, if I were a member of her congregation, her credibility would be taking a huge hit with me.

Maybe that's just the cynic in me coming out. Or maybe it's a result of my years in the advertising and marketing industry and my experience with the b.s. that goes on from time to time. Either way, it's one of my biggest pet peeves that absolutely drives me up a wall.

Now Mark shall climb down off his soapbox and wish you all good night.

Til Next Time..........

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originally posted 10/11/06 on Yahoo 360
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