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What About the Positives? September 11, 2006

THE WORLD WE LIVE IN MAKES NO concessions to common sense, is oblivious to morals, and blind to justice. Without any forewarning our lives were turned upside down. In the blink of an eye and the beat of a heart, priorities changed, loyalties divided, and the insignificant became more important than ever before. Now, two once random and meaningless numbers are forever linked together in a way that will never be forgotten.

This 9-11 we spend time in deep reflection. Remembering those we lost and honoring those who gave their all.......all in the blink of an eye and beat of a heart. While we mourn and honor those lost, it's also important to keep in mind that, despite all the negativity of the liberal left and the give peace a chance crowd, there have been several positives that have occured since that horrible day.

During the days that immediately followed 9-11-01, we found that, as diverse a country of individuals as we are here in America, we still possess the ability to come together as one when our backs are against the wall. It may not have lasted as long as many of us would've liked. But at least we know that we're still capable of being united against a common enemy.

In the five years following the attacks of 9-11........there haven't been any more attacks on American soil. Not One! Many previously unknown terrorist cells have been broken up all over the country. There was one out here in California, just a couple of hours from my home. Trust me when I tell you, I feel much safer now that people at the state and national levels are once again paying attention to whats going on.

Al Qaeda's power and influence have been greatly diminished over the past five years as well. They have much poorer communications capabilities today than before. Those capabilities are being diminished more and more everyday. Their financial network is almost non-existant compared to six or seven years ago.

Since many of our traditional allies don't seem to have the stomach for an extended war on terror, the United States has teamed up with many countries that we previously had minimal or no connection to. Countries like Poland, The Czech Republic, Romania, New Zealand, Estonia, Mongolia, Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, Sweden, and Kazakhstan are just a few of America's allies in this war on terror. They may not be major military or political powerhouses, but collectively, these and all the rest of the coalition partners are making great strides against those who wish ill upon freedom loving people around the world.

And finally, the longstanding reputation of the American Military has been restored after enduring 8 years of neglect, misuse, and disdain during the Clinton Administration. And even with some of the restraints placed upon them during execution of the current War or Terror, our Armed Forces are once again viewed by most of the world as the premeire fighting force today. Even those who fight against us have begrudingly acknowledged that we are much stronger and more willing to fight than they expected based on previous experience over the ten years preceding the 9-11 attacks. Gone are the days of looking weak after leaving unfinished business in places like Beruit, multiple locations in Africa, Iraq, Kuwait, Iran, and Yemen.

These are all positives that many people across the country can't or won't acknowledge. Once the tributes pass on this five year anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, the debates will continue. And when it seems like all your hear are the negative diatribes coming from Martiniville, just remember.....there are many positive things happening in this War on Terror.....even if the media or the liberal politicians don't want to talk about it!

originally posted 9/11/06 on Yahoo 360

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