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Absolutely Nothing To Say, September 30, 2006

THIS IS ONE OF THOSE RARE days when I have absolutely nothing to say! No politics today, no rant and raves, silly pictures or goofy jokes. Even the chore list around the house was put on hold. The day was reserved for time with Kat, my wonderful better half! This morning we went out to breakfast and then for a nice stroll through the park. They just built a new park here on the river that is really nice. It's still a work in progress, but so far it looks awesome. It has the usual picnic and playground areas. In addition to that is also has a beach, boat launch, 18 "hole" frisbee golf course, and several miles of bike and hiking trails. Yes it was a great morning and we'll probably do it again tomorrow.

We got home just in time to see the second half of the Tennessee game on ESPN. The final count was Tenn 41 Memphis 7. Navy beat UCONN today too 41-17. The Cadets are having a pretty good year so far with a 4-1 record. Florida smacked Alabama today too....awwwww! I'll shed some "Gator Tears" later......pun is intended! LOL Ole Miss is looking pretty good tonight against Georgia. Kinda suprising to say the least. That sets the stage for next weeks "Battle Between the Hedges" as the Vols take on the Dawgs! Sorry Sassy and G-Diddy! I gotta stay true to the "Orange Nation" on this one!

Well, for someone who had absolutely nothing to say, I've managed to find a way to do jus tthe opposite! Go figure! I think I'll answer some of the messages I've received since yesterday and then head back to the Georgia-Ole Miss game on tv. Kat's at work now, so I get to hold the remote! LOL!!! You guys have a great Saturday night and maybe I'll have something useful to write about tomorrow!!!!!

Til Next Time!

Originally posted 9/30/06 on Yahoo 360
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