Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another American Beheaded???, June 21, 2006

This time, this disgusting form of murder is hitting a lot closer to home. It didn't happen in the Middle East and it wasn't Islamic terrorist that perpetrated this dispicable deed. It has happened right here on the North American continent. This, as much as anything else, demonstrates in dramatic clarity the need for the strongest border security possible along our border with Mexico.

According to reports out of San Diego, four decapitated bodies were found in an empty lot 15 miles south of the US-Mexican border. The bodies were wrapped in blankets and bound with tape. Three of the dead have been identified as police officers from Rosarito, Mexico. The fourth hasn't been identified as of yet, but is believed to be an American kidnap victim. The three unidentified police officers were listed as missing Tuesday night after being sent to investigate a reported kidnapping in the area.

Unofficially, it is believed that drug cartels or possibly MS-13 gang members may be responsible. These are the same people that go back and forth across the border dozens of times everyday trafficking drugs and illegal immigrants. While most of the discussion concerning border security has revolved around illegal migrant workers, they aren't the only ones coming across. Those are the same drug runners and gang members that engaged local police and DEA/FBI agents in an armed standoff back in January at the Texas/Mexican border near Laredo before scampering back into Mexico.

While dealing with illegal immigration remains a hot button issue with most Americans, it has become obvious that the Federal Government is incapable of dealing with this issue reasonably without letting politics and personal agendas cloud everything. Easier said than done I know, but it is imperative that our elected leaders change the path they are leading this country down where immigration and border security are concerned. If not, it's just a matter of time until something like this happens on American soil.

(originally posted 6-21-06 on Yahoo 360)

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