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Some People Just Can't Be Grateful, June 30, 2006

This week, the second richest man on the planet announced to the world that he was going to donate the bulk ( almost 85 percent according to some reports) of his riches to charity. This, according to reports, is also the largest single donation announcement ever.

Some folks have come out against this charitable gift by Buffett because the majority of it is going to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which has given money in the past to abortion rights groups. Others complained that he should've given it all. These complaints aren't the point of this writing though.

One thing that I noticed from several commentators was that they were asking....."What about his children?" "Why not give it to them?" " Are they going to be angry?" " Don't you think you should give them the money?" And then there was the absolute dumbest question of the day...."Why not give the money to the government?" That last question blew me away! And as if the question itself wasn't bad enough, the source of the question was even more shocking.......Neil Cavuto from the FOX News Channel. Cavuto seemed to be more concerned about the kids not getting the money. It almost seemed as though he was personally offended by that fact. Then he asked the "government question" and I almost came unglued! He of all people should've known the stupidity of that question. I suppose it was possible he was playing "devils advocate" by asking the question, but it sure didn't come accross that way. Most of the other people asking these questions were all the usual suspects in the liberal agenda driven media! You would think that these people would be more interested in the individual causes that this gift would be helping. But instead all you hear are dumb, stupid, idiotic questions.

Whether you agree with Buffet's politics or not is irrelevant. This man just gave the human race the second biggest gift and the second best example of generosity that mankind has ever received or seen. For all the liberal/socialist/communist complaints made over the years about capitalism and constant droning on about the evils of a free market society, this stands as a silent testimony to the many benefits brought about by hard work and ingenuity.

In the final analysis, the only true purpose of great wealth is to do great things. Those who allow themselves to be swallowed and devoured with race/class envy and choose to criticize the choices of the rich in this country should be ashamed. They should also stand back for a moment and take a good, long, hard look at people like Warren Buffet and consider our way of life that allows men like this to be so generous. And while you're at a little more gratitude!

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(originally posted 6-30-06 on Yahoo 360)
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