Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bonehead(s) of the Week, May 02, 2006

Well, "A Day Without an Immigrant" has come and gone. By most accounts, the protests/marches/rallies were for the most part peaceful but rather disruptive in terms of the business and education communities. But more disturbing than any economic disruption that occured as a result of Monday's activities is the emerging involvment of socialist American groups and radical latino groups such as Answer, MECha, Latino Movement USA, and LaRaza. These groups have an underlying agenda that many Americans aren't aware agenda of reclamation. Reclamation/liberation of much of the western United States is their ultimate goal. American groups, including the Catholic Church and the ACLU are also (knowingly or otherwise) helping them reach their goals by supporting illegal immigration. Most of the American media are unwittingly aiding them by their lack of reporting on these groups and their support of illegal immigration. The most frustrating part is that our politicans and business leaders seem to be more interested in playing games than addressing this very important problem. The only person I've heard speak out on this today is Lou Dobbs of (of all places) CNN. If you take the time to read the Lou Dobbs article and the Mecha Profile , I think you'll find it some interesting reading. It was enough for me to decide that these radical groups are very deserving of this weeks "Bonehead(s) of the Week" award.
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