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She Almost Seems Human, July 02, 2006

FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE BEEN WITH ME FROM THE BEGINNING, You may remember me writing about our two cats a couple of times.

"Sable" and "Mandu", without a doubt, have got to be two of the most bizzare felines I have ever encountered. Don't get me wrong though.....If anything ever happened to either one of them, it would be heartbreaking for all involved. But sometimes I wonder................

In particular, I wonder about Sable and her sometimes human like habits. Solid black with a small white patch on her silky soft chest, she sometimes takes on personality traits and eating habits of a wide eyed, always curious child.

On some mornings, she will stand by the front door as we walk outside and then head for the window and watch us leave. When we come home, she'll come running looking for attention and not give up until she gets it........just like a child.

And when it comes to food, well lets just say that she sometimes gobbles up stuff that most cats won't touch. She loves McDonalds Happy Meal Cheeseburgers. She has, on a couple of occasions, even eaten part of the bun. She will also eat french fries, potato chips, pickles, small chunks of cheddar cheese, ice cream, and the strangest of all.........celery. That's right, celery! A couple of nights ago, while having a salad for dinner, I dropped a celery stick on the floor. She grabbed it up and ran off to the other side of the room. After finding a comfortable place to curl up with her latest bounty, we watched as she ate half of it. I was totally blown away. I've never seen a cat eat celery before.

Some of her other habits include staring contests. You remember those games where whoever blinks first loses? Yep, that's the one. It's only happened a couple of times, but when it does it sure is freaky. She's also been known to curl up beside one of us one the couch and stare at the tv until she is distracted from her trance like state by something else.

Now I know she's only a cat. But sometimes, it's just plain freaky when she starts in with the human like behaviors. It's so strange at times. It almost looks like she is human, or least trying really hard to act like one of us. Either way, she's a part of the family I couldn't imagine living without......especially on those days when she almost seems human!

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