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Pack Rat On A Rampage, May 10, 2006

ONE OF THE HAZARDS OF working at the same place for a long period of time is that you tend to collect a lot of stuff. The situation is compounded even more when you have the type of job where you have an office and room to store the things you have collected. Well, that's the situation I found myself in recently when my boss decided it was time to change the fung-shway in the office. For me personally, I thought COOL! Shaking things up every once in a while is a good thing for the most part....but in my case it meant opening up the "Pandoras Box" that I call my office.

The sales areas of the office got a complete makeover....carpet, walls, furniture, everything. In my office it was a simple carpet replacement and rearranging the existing furniture. On second thought, maybe simple wasn't the right word to use there. Before the "simple carpet replacement" could take place, I had to empty out that Pandoras Box of all the stuff I had collected over the past 13 years.

I guess this is the point where you've probably guessed that I'm the type of fellow that has a real hard time getting rid of stuff. If so, you get the gold star for the day. If not, I'll say it again........I'M A PACK RAT!!!!!!!!!! I even have my membership card as a charter member of Pack Rats Anonymous, if I could only figure out where I put the darn thing. Oh but but I digress.........

All the stuff I had saved through the years (thinking that I might need it again sometime) was about to meet its fate in some stinky landfill next to someones half empty milk cartons. After a couple of days of packing boxes, even I was amazed at how much junk I had collected. At one point, it looked like Katrina had made a detour right through the middle of my office. By the third day, I had lost track of how many trips I had made to the dumpster. Remember, I am a confessed Pack Rat. I pushed on though and finally got it done.

A couple days later the new carpet was finally installed and the furniture was moved back in. Now as I take in that new carpet smell that reminds me of the last time I bought a new car and stare at the last two file cabinets that I need to go mind wanders off to that stinky landfill, wondering how my "Jack in the Box Bobblehead" was doing after falling victim to "The Pack Rat on a Rampage."

(originally posted 5-10-06 on Yahoo 360)

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