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Scoreless Soccer-Silent Stands, July 17, 2006

IT LOOKS AS THOUGH THE HUG A TREE Free to be you and me crowd from Martiniville (otherwise known as Massachusetts) are at it again....spreading their sickness called liberalism. This time the victims are the children of America. In particular children who play soccer and other organized little league sports. It's all about games where no one keeps score or stats and no trophies are handed out at the post season banquets. It's a trend that has been going on for a while and was again pushed to the fore front during the recent World Cup Tournament.

Why are the liberal whackjobs subjecting our children to this nonsense? The reason they give is that they don't want anyone to get their feelings hurt. Personally, I think they're doing it because they feel guilty over their own status and success and they don't want their kids (and our kids) to experience that success in their lives and have to endure the same guilt that they do.

But now the libs from Martiniville are taking it to a whole new level....."Silent Stands." Yep, now in some leagues across the country, parents and friends aren't even allowed to cheer for their own little Bobby or Susie when they make a great play or score the winning goal. HUH???? I'm sorry, if my son were about the score the game winning goal or pitch a no would have to weld my butt to the bleachers and duct tape my mouth to keep me from cheering my son on to victory.

But more importantly than that, what kind of children would we be raising if we totally removed the competition factor from little league sports? Sports psychologist Richard Ginsberg says that sports is about more than winning. He actually says that sports is about feeling good about yourself....oh and he did mention skill development just so he would sound like a total idiot.

Where I come from competition, whether it be sports, business, or academics, is about striving to be the best you can possibly be. It's about learning to win graciously, learning to lose gracefully, and the strong helping the weaker to become stronger so that they experience success as well. It's also about learning how to deal with adversity, learning the concepts of teamwork, self discipline, determination and yes learning to deal with disappointment, rebounding and doing better next time. The list goes on and on. But not if the liberals have their way.

Oh! But Mark, what about the parents who are totally out of control at their kids sporting events??? Two words: BAN THEM! Let them know that taking their kids participation to extremes is unacceptable and won't be tolerated. If that doesn't work.....Ban Them! But don't turn it into some limp wristed hug fest that most normal kids and adults wouldn't want to ever be caught participating in.

If these invaders of our kids childhood games are allowed to continue, we will end up raising a generation of children totally unprepared for the realities of the competitive world in which we live. I can see it now.....little Johnny tries out for his Jr High football team and starts crying during the first practice because the coach yelled at him for missing a hand off. Can you imagine the ridicule little Johnny will have to endure when that happens. And it will happen because of people like Sports Psychologist Richard Ginsberg and crap they spew. Because of Ginsberg and people like him, we are raising children who will enter adult life as emotional cripples unable to cope with competitive situations in school, sports, or work.

As for all the folks in Martiniville...... just shut up! If you don't want your kids to play in the real world......fine. Take them home and put them in the bathtub, give them a rubber duckey, a bowl, and some plastic spoons and we'll call it good. As for me, I want my son to learn all the valuable character building lessons that playing in competitive sports can offer. Sports whose game plans do not include scoreless soccer, trophyless tournamnets, or silent stands.

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(originally posted 7-17-06 on Yahoo 360)
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