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IT'S A HOAX!!!!!!!!!!!, May 30, 2006

ONLINE IDIOTS ARE AT IT AGAIN!!!! Originally I had intended to write about another topic tonight, but after going through my email this evening I decided that topic could wait for another day.

My targets tonight are the people who reside on the internet's darker side. In particular a those who think that online "joking" about missing children is funny. Tonight I received an email with the above picture and the following text:

"We have a Deli Manager (Acme Markets) from Philadelphia, Pa who has a 13 year old daughter who has been missing for 2 weeks. Please keep the picture moving on. With luck on her side, she will be found. I am asking you all, begging you to please forward this email to anyone and everyone you know, PLEASE. My 13 year old girl, Ashley Flores, is missing. She has been missing for now two weeks. It is still not too late. Please help us. If anyone any where knows anything, please contact me at: I am including a picture of her. All prayers are appreciated!"

It only takes 2 seconds to forward this. If it was your child, you would want all the help you could get.

After about five minutes of research, I found that this is a hoax perpetrated by a 17 year old girl named Vicki who goes by "Vixter609" on My Space, Photobucket, and who knows where else. When questioned about the missing girl....."Vicki" would only say that it was a practical joke that had gotten out of hand. I'd say so!!! Read the complete update on this hoax here. If you receive this email......don't fall for it. IT IS A HOAX.


Only those of us who are parents know what lengths we would go to to find our children if they went missing. Or how far we would go to help a friend, or even a stranger, who might find themselves in that situation. Bottom line, missing children are not a joking matter.....NOT EVEN FOR A NANO SECOND! Every year many children go missing. Some are found and, tragically, some are never seen or heard from again. It's bad enough that we have liberal touchy feely know it alls who think they can rehabilitate child molesters. THEY CAN'T!!! And it's even worse that we have politicans and judges across the country who fall for that pyscho babble and end up letting the perverted sickos out to walk the streets while refusing to pass Jessica's Law because they don't want to infringe on the pervert's so called rights. When it comes to the welfare of children, the libs and some of our so called politicans and judges have screwed things up bad enough as it is. We don't need people like "Vicki" making matters worse with these kind of hoaxes.

In closing (as I climb down off my soapbox) I'll say this.....anyone who would abuse a child deserves nothing less than lifetime accomodations in the general population of the closest, meanest C-Block authorities can find. As for people like Vicki who would think it's funny to joke about missing kids....all I can say is that I hope you never have to learn what Karma is all about!

(originally posted 5-30-06 on Yahoo 360)

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