Monday, June 2, 2008

Encouragement for the Troops January 17, 2006

Yesterday, another National Guard unit from Sacramento, California returned home from a year long deployment to Iraq. It was an emotional homecoming for both the soldiers and the families. This long deployment was a successful one for the unit as they played a major role in the clearing of Fallujah based insurgent activity. Their success came with a high price though in the form of several unit members killed in action. The proof of that price was very evident to those that witnessed the emotionally intense return of our local heros. Despite all the excitement of the long awaited homecoming, one young guardsman (who didn't look old enough to be out of high school) delayed his personal homecoming long enough to say thank you to everyone to took the time to write his unit during their deployment. He told the TV reporter that all the letters he received while he was in Iraq meant more than anyone could imagine. He also apologized for not answering every letter he received. He said he hoped those who wrote would understand because.....he was a little busy.

A few words of encouragement or even a simple thank you, especially when it comes from a total stranger, means so much to those far away from home.....especially when they are in a combat zone. Speaking from my own personal experience in Desert Shield and Desert Storm, mail call is generally the highlight of each day.

Below are a couple of links where you can send letters or cards to the troops and bring a smile to someone who could probably use a little encouragement. and

Who knows, maybe you'll even make a new friend too!

(originally posted 1-17-06 on Yahoo 360)

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