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Weekend Getaway Pt.3, February 12, 2006

The Last Day

Day three started early as we still had the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the California Academy of Sciences/Steinhart Aquarium to see.

The Museum of Modern Art was an experience to say the least. Envision an episode of Frasier, where the scene is set at a museum and everything that goes along with it. That was exactly what it was like. Overall, it was a little stuffier than I like, but it was enjoyable. There was one photography exhibit though that did catch my eye. It all revolved around the 1906 earthquake and the ensuing fires that San Francisco endured. It was a striking exhibit that in many ways reminded me of the situation the Gulf Coast region is dealing with now after the last hurricane season. I guess no matter where you live or no matter what era you live in, a tragedy is still a tragedy. Other than that one exhibit, I wasn't overly impressed with the Museum. I guess modern art just isn't my thing.

Then we were off to the California Academy of Sciences and the Steinhardt Aquarium. This place was too cool. With the exception of being on the watefront, this was probably my favorite of all our stops. If you're even remotely interested in science, then there's something here for you. From wildlife of the earthly type to astrobiology and everything in between.....it was the best. Next year sometime they are going to be moving their whole operation from their downtown location to the Golden Gate Park. The new building will almost triple their size and give them much more room to have bigge and better exhibits. If you ever make the trip to San Francisco, This is one place you certainly don't want to miss.

After that we began our trip home. On our way out we made one last stop at Treausre Island for a last gaze at the city from accross the bay. There it occurred to me again that as liberal as the city is and as maddening as it's residents attitudes can be, it is still a beautiful city with some incredible treasures that everyone should experience at least once in their lives. We've been fortunate to make the trip twice and I feel we are much better people for it.

(originally posted 2-12-06 on Yahoo 360)

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