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Four Things I Can't Stand, January 14, 2006

Four Things I Can’t Stand

Ever since I’ve been old enough to understand the difference between right and wrong, there have been three things I couldn’t stand nor would I tolerate…..liars, thieves, and quitters. This week, I added a fourth. HYPOCRITES.

After spending a good portion of this past week watching the Senate confirmation hearings of Judge Samuel Alito, it occurred to me that our society is full of HYPOCRITES. That in and of itself is not worthy of a “FOX News Alert”, however, after watching the shameful behavior of some of our “elected representatives” (Barbra Boxer, Ted Kennedy, and Charles Schummer to name a few), it caused me to rethink some of my attitudes towards that segment of our society who seem to think that they should and do exist by one set of rules, while the rest of us are subjected to rules, standards, and ideas that don’t, won’t and should never apply to them. These are the people known as HYPOCRITES.

HYPOCRITES generally come in different forms and in varying degrees. However, one thing they all have in common is a mindset that goes very simply like this: “Do as I say, not as I do.” They always profess to have these deep seeded convictions on just about any topic, but rarely live their lives in accordance with those beliefs. More times than not though, they surely expect and demand that we do.

Let’s take for example the “No War for Oil” crowd. We’ve all seen the bumper stickers pop up from time to time when some conflict, or potential conflict, arises in the Middle East. To be fair, it is a noble thought if we lived a utopian existence. But in a society where capitalism reigns supreme and environmental whack jobs prevent us from providing the oil for ourselves; one could see where “No War for Oil” becomes a bit problematic, if not just plain unrealistic. Up until now, I’ve pretty much accepted those people for who they are…liberal, idealistic, and sometimes naive people who just have a different point of view. After all, this is America and I served in the United States Navy to help protect their right to that belief…..even if I don’t agree with it.

However, I draw the line when some HYPOCRITE puts a “No War for Oil” bumper sticker on the bumper of an SUV. Not only is that person a HYPOCRITE, that person is just a “plain ol’ flippin moron.” Yes, this actually occurred in the parking lot where I work. I asked the owner of the SUV about the irony of that particular bumper sticker being on that particular type of vehicle. The only thing she could manage as a response was….“Huh?” I guess she hadn’t had all of her 20 oz double soy nonfat sugar free mocha latte cappuccino that was from a coffee shop that didn’t have a Starbucks sign in front it yet. (whew! that was a mouthful….I need to focus!) I then had to explain what I meant in very plain easy to understand English. I almost felt like I was talking to a first grader. Damn her for making me sound like Rush Limbaugh! After that, I was treated to a short burst of attitude to which I responded “whatever” as I walked away. Why would I expect anything other than that from a left wing, ultra liberal, tree hugging, femi-nazi?

Femi-nazi….now there’s an interesting word. In the case of this particular lady, femi-nazi and HYPOCRITE are interchangeable terms. You see, I had another run-in with this same lady a few weeks later, again, in the parking lot at work. Here’s a little background on her first. She belongs to several liberal groups around town like the “Peace and Justice Center” and she works for a local women’s health clinic that’s in the same complex where I work. Oh hell, lets just call it what is…an “abortion clinic.” This is also the same woman who shows up at almost every rally and protest preaching the virtues of tolerance, acceptance and understanding and how we should all be nicer to one another. She’s so damned enlightened it makes me sick to my stomach. Oh but I digress…..

Well, a few weeks after the “bumper sticker” incident, we crossed paths again. This time I saw her coming across the parking lot with both arm full of books, paperwork, and a number of other items. With enough time having gone by that I had almost forgotten about the earlier incident, I attempted to be courteous and hold the door open for her. Grandma Chase would’ve proud. She always said all the brains in world are worthless if you don’t have some manners to go with them. But alas, this liberal didn’t agree. All I got was a nasty scowl and more rude comments for my effort. Long story short…..I sarcastically apologized for being a gentleman and promised I would never offend her enlightened sensibilities again….as the door closed in her face! As I said before, Femi-nazi and HYPOCRITE are interchangeable in this case.

Another type of HYPOCRITE, and right now probably the worst kind, is the “We Support the Troops, but We Don’t Support the War” crowd. We hear this mantra from the ultra left peaceniks that we already recognize for what they are. A bunch of moronic retreads from the 60’s who grew up smoking dope and causing trouble at every turn. But increasingly and more disturbingly, we are hearing this same rhetoric from some of our elected representatives. One that quickly comes to mind is Representative John Murtha of Pennsylvania. Rep. Murtha is a proud American who served his country most honorably as a United States Marine for 37 years. He is no doubt a true American hero. However, some of his recent statements, about the military’s current mission in Iraq makes me wonder about him though. One of his comments was that the troops were in too much danger due to the current situation on the ground in Iraq and that they are suffering from low morale. Of all people, Rep. Murtha should know better than to make a statement like that. He of all people should know that “the troops”, by the very nature of their existence, live and train to put themselves in danger, fight the fight, and go places that are dangerous so that we, along with our allies, can enjoy our freedoms and way of life. He of all people should know that our military and especially The United States Marine Corp doesn’t cut and run when things get a little dangerous or depressing. His comments not only dishonor his distinguished military career, but it also dishonors the memory of those who have died in this conflict. His comments also endanger those still deployed and those facing future deployment to the Middle East. In short you cannot support our (or any) troops without supporting their mission. His comments to the contrary are the most dangerously hypocritical of all…..not just for the troops, but for our nation and our way of life. This makes him the most dangerous type of HYPOCRITE out there today.

(originally posted 1-14-06 on Yahoo 360)

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